Singer Songwriter and Celtic Folk Act

The stage name Pete Lalor is from the Irish Australian leader of the Eureka Rebellion. His legacy appear a tale of two halves; a man that lost an arm fighting for justice and equality subsequently spent a career in politics resisting change. It begs the question in my mind if he had been compromised by either the carrot or stick to do such a  spectacular 180 degree political change of direction. All the more reason to remember such a character, a reminder for us each time we vote; are the politicians we elect serving the masses or serving corporations and the rich.

The band name is chosen in memory of the front line defence of the Eureka Rebellion (originally known as the Eureka Massacre). To honour the memory of all those who have stood up against tyranny and oppression, of government ruling for the rich and pillaging the people. The Pikemen are also an enduring symbol of the 1798 rebellion in Wexford, Ireland. The poster image is of a statue of a group of these brave men. The code word for action in the Eureka Rebellion was Vinegar Hill which was the last major stand of the 1798 rebellion and site of a massacre of thousands of non combatant civilians.

Pete Lalor is a Melbourne based Irish Australian singer songwriter. The music genre is generally within folk and rock and usually with an underlying theme of social issues. Sally Lunn is his first release available to watch on the music tab & to buy in the site store now.

A folk act sharing classic folk songs from Ireland and around the world, Covering legendary bands and singer songwriters such as the likes of  Christy Moore, The Dubliners, The Clancy’s and Tommy Makem, Eric Bogle and many more. Currently performed as solo, duo or trio combinations with Henry Butcher (fiddle), Gerry McKeague (tin whistle), Paul Dove (Bass), and Orlaith MacAlinden (Irish Dancer)

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